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The International Association for Insurance Law (AIDA) was founded in 1960.  The Provisional Committee was entrusted with the task of promoting the foundation of national chapters of AIDA in the Latin world (Prof. Antigono Donati) and in the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic world (Prof. Hans Möller).

By the end of 1960, 16 national chapters had been established in Europe, America and Asia.  Presently, AIDA has two regional groupings of national members – CILA (the Spanish, South and Central American regional grouping) and AIDA Europe (European grouping).

The first World Congress of AIDA was held in 1962 and attended by some 1,000 delegates from 50 countries.  It was devoted exclusively to broad fundamental issues: (1) the juridical concept of insurance; (2) the functions and scope of private insurance and social security and (3) the state control of insurance.

During the Congress, officers were appointed and the international by-laws of AIDA were approved. Prof. Donati was elected as the first President of AIDA.

The second World Congress in 1966 dealt with insurance themes of more direct import to specific countries. This was the first time that general reports on the themes which were debated were based on the national reports prepared by the various chapters.

The AIDA World Congress is held in a different host country every four years.

In addition, AIDA has formed special international working parties to study cross-border issues such as State Supervision of Insurance, Pensions, Motor Insurance, Products Liability, Reinsurance, Motor Insurance and New Technologies, Prevention and Insurance.

AIDA by-laws also authorise chapters to hold conferences at a regional or transnational level.