Hong Kong Insurance Law Association Limited


HILA History

The Hong Kong Insurance Law Association (HILA) was first established in 1996 under the leadership of Peter Cashin of HIH Casualty and General Insurance (Asia) Ltd, and became affiliated with the Association des Droits Assurances (AIDA) in the same year. The Inaugural Meeting in September 1996 was attended by The Honourable Mr. Justice Litton VP and Alan Wong, Commissioner of Insurance. In the years that followed, the leadership of HILA was also taken up by Cameron Scott of Barlow Lyde & Gilbert and Allan Brown of Asia Pacific Underwriting Agency.

In 2005 until 2009, HILA came under the leadership of Andrew Bellers, General Counsel APAC, Aon. As President, Andrew affirmed the import of grass roots players in HILA’s operation and with the support of David Smyth and Martin Lister, a founding member of HILA, Andrew continued to drive HILA forward.

In 2011, Prof. Rob Merkin sought to rejuvenate HILA’s operations in a bid to generate new interest in Insurance Law in Hong Kong. A cross-sector Steering Committee led by Camille Jojo and Jim James of Norton Rose, and advised by Andrew, was established to support this movement.

The Inaugural Conference jointly hosted with the Asian Institute of International Financial Law, and held at the University of Hong Kong on 16th June 2011, marked the official relaunch of the new Hong Kong Insurance Law Association. In attendance, to mark the occasion by each giving a speech was Annie Choi, the Commissioner of Insurance, K.P. Chan, Legislative Council Representative for the Insurance Constituency and The Honourable Mr. Justice Reyes, President of HILA. The discussion was led by a panel composed of prominent local players in the industry, which included David Adams of HSBC and Alice Chan of Prudential Assurance.

On 26th September 2011, under the leadership of Mei-wah Leung, Barrister, as Chairman, the new Hong Kong Insurance Law Association held its first high-profile seminar at the British Consulate-General. The event was headlined by the distinguished Lord Mance and Lord Clarke of the UK Supreme Court and with the assistance of a prominent panel of six lawyers, namely Rosita Lau of Ince, George Lamplough of Holman Fenwick & Willan, Anthony Sassi of Barlow, Lyde & Gilbert, Jim James of Norton Rose, Gary Seib of Baker & McKenzie and Andrew Bellers, they touched on developments in marine insurance, reinsurance and general insurance law.

The continued growth and development of the new Hong Kong Insurance Law Association is now under the direction of Jim James, the new Chairman of HILA, who will carry on the good work of Will Harrison.  Professor Anselmo Reyes continues to serve as the President of HILA.